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Private Client Cyber Security Labs

At PCCS labs we have access to sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence based cybersecurity tools.  These tools are costly and at many small organizations, the cyber risk may not warrant the cost. This blog details how to use Apache's .htaccess file to implement a low-cost Web Application Firewall (WAF) and is part of our effort to pass along cybersecurity knowledge to help secure the greater community.

Security is a unique challenge for cost-conscious websites that need to address a specific threat, spam annoyance, or risk but lack the resources to implement security tools such as a Web Application Firewall (WAF). Basic web hosting plans typically do not include web security tools as the hosting company handles security.   One tool that most Apache-based web hosts do allow customers to use is the .htaccess file.

About Private Client Cyber Security

Former U.S. defense industry cybersecurity executives founded PCCS after struggling to convince large cybersecurity companies to address the cyber risks of public persons and small sized business. 

PCCS provides enterprise-grade cybersecurity consulting and services to professional practices, executives, athletes, and high net worth families.

We strive to provide a personal, professional and a next-generation technology level of cyber protection to our clients. 


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